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Item #: CBH62
Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Malucia Doll
MSRP: $10.99
Appropriate for: 6 & Up

Barbie and The Secret Door Princess Malucia Doll

Girls will love reliving memorable moments from the film or creating new adventures with this nine-inch Villain Princess doll. The lovable villain "glows" dressed in a brilliant purple and pink glittery dress that fans of the film will recognize. Signature touches include puffed sleeves, a colorful print skirt and amazing butterfly shoes. Pink and purple hairstreaks and a neon pink crown and scepter resonate with her neon glitz look. Amazing butterfly shoes have this complex character walking on air. Collect other dolls and accessories to expand the storytelling possibilities and fairytale fun! Doll comes with crown and scepter.

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