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Item #: BMC02
Barbie Endless Curls African-American Doll
MSRP: $24.99
Appropriate for: 3 & Up

Barbie Endless Curls African-American Doll

Complete Curls Whether you’re in the mood for straight, curly or wavy hair, with the Barbie Endless Curls! Doll, you can have it all - thanks to Barbie doll’s long, luscious locks that can be easily curled and straightened over and over again with the included realistic hairstyling accessories. The no-heat tools can curl her entire head of hair - a first ever! No-Heat Tools Two curling irons and a set of four traditional rollers can be used to create different types of curls - without any heat! Go for tight curls or loose waves. Then add even more dimension with the included hair accessories. Two bow-decorated pink barrettes and three rubber bands with Barbie silhouette tags can be used for ponytails, pigtails, braids and other customized looks. Fabulous Fashion Barbie doll is dressed in a trendy fashion that is sure to complement any hairstyle or occasion. The sleek bodice has a modern silhouette and color-blocked design in pink and black; the full pink skirt dazzles with glittery jagged stripes. Black shoes with triangular cut-outs are amazing. Hair Play Your Way Girls will love the ease with which they can switch up Barbie doll’s hairstyle - use the included tools to curl Barbie doll’s hair in a variety of ways, and then use the included signature-style brush to simply comb out a look and start fresh. Completely curly, wonderfully wavy or simply straight, it’s hair play your way! What’s in the Box? Barbie doll dressed in fashion and shoes, two no-heat curling iron tools, four no-heat rollers, one brush, two barrettes, three rubber bands with label art

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