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Item #: BLP40
Barbie and The Secret Door Pink Unicorn Doll
MSRP: $24.99
Appropriate for: 6 & Up

Barbie and The Secret Door Pink Unicorn Doll

A Secret Door to a Fantastic World When Princess Alexa enters a fantastic new world through a brilliant but secret door, girls enter a new world with her. In the story, Barbie and the Secret Door, Barbie stars as a shy princess who works with a mermaid and fairy to save the magic of this neon-bright fairytale land where unicorns roam alongside other wondrous creatures! This gorgeous unicorn is perfect for recreating favorite scenes from the DVD and playing out stories for this iconic animal. Neon Glitz and Spectacular Sparkle This unicorn positively glows with neon glitz - the translucent pink body sparkles with a glitter effect, colorful designs decorate its body and a shiny horn grabs attention. The rooted mane and tail are positively gorgeous - luxuriously rich with brilliant shades of pink and purple. Wear-and-Share Hair Accessories Style these gorgeous locks with the included brush and hair accessories. Three hair extensions (with iconic-shaped clips) add even more neon color, like blue, yellow and orange, and two flower-adorned hair clips almost appear to float. Brush out to restyle and try a new look. Happily-Ever-After Hairstyling! Girls will love creating amazing hairstyles to match this unique unicorn’s glittery glow. But they can also recreate the magic with their own hair - the five hair accessories will work in girls’ hair too! Try a clip, an extension or all of them together to spread the fairytale fun and fantastic fashion! What’s in the Box? Unicorn figure, one brush, three hair extensions with wear-and-share clips (blue, yellow, orange), two flower wear-and-share clips

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