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Item #: X9182
Barbie Princess Unicorn Doll, Pink
MSRP: $16.99
Appropriate for: 3 & Up

Barbie Princess Unicorn Doll, Pink

Every princess needs the princess-worthy pet, and what could be more perfect than the enchanting unicorn? This unicorn features gorgeous detailing - from its ombre horn through the “gem”-encrusted saddle to its gorgeous tail. It's adorned with reins and bridle as glamorous as jewelry and ornate and textured saddles trimmed in colors that match the “hair.” The bright pink mane and tail is as shiny and silky as the hair of a royal princess! An included brush helps to keep it looking regally beautiful. The unicorn has always been a magical creature - now it's both magical and royal! Includes unicorn and brush. Ages 3 and older.


  • This unicorn - the perfect princess pet - features gorgeous detailing and a bright pink mane and tail.
  • An ombre horn adds a magical touch!
  • The ornate saddle matches the mane.
  • A brush is included - to help girls keep this unicorn beautiful!

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