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Item #: BLL48
Barbie Chelsea Flippin' Pup Pool! Play Set
MSRP: $19.99
Appropriate for: 3 & Up

Barbie Chelsea Flippin' Pup Pool! Play Set

Chelsea and her puppies - three are included! - are ready to flip over this play set with its colorful slide (with bow-adorned steps), diving stand, and pretty pink pool. Taffy™ dog's puppy actually does a flip at the end of the slide and into the water-filled pool! Just release her at the top and watch her catch some air before making a splash! There's plenty of watery fun for everyone. The pups will jump off the diving board with a push of the lever or ride down the slide with a strong tap. Outside the pool, Chelsea doll, who looks adorable in her colorful one-piece swimsuit, and the pups can get into a spectacular water fight - squeeze Chelsea doll's duck-shaped inner tube and she sprays water; use the puppies' squirting feature to spray back. Girls will love making a splash with this group! Additional accessories include a dog bed, duck-shaped inner tube for Chelsea doll, and a fish treat that fits in Chelsea doll's hand. Includes set with slide, pool, and diving board; Chelsea doll with duck-shaped inner tube and squirty dolphin-shaped toy that fits into Chelsea doll's hand; three puppies, including one flipping puppy and two squirting puppies; and themed accessories, like a bone-shaped inner tube for the puppies.

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