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Item #: X7945
Barbie Glam Vacation House
MSRP: $39.99
Appropriate for: 3 & Up

Barbie Glam Vacation House

A Fab Getaway for Barbie and Friends Far from the cameras and the crowds, Barbie disappears to the Glam Vacation House to relax with friends and take a break from the whirlwind pace of her jet-setting lifestyle! It's so lovely to come in through a beautiful pink front door to a fully stocked kitchen...swivel out the dining counter so the girls can eat outside, on bistro chairs sculpted like bows. Modular Play Spaces The living room attaches side-by-side to the kitchen, which also allows you to open up the rooftop deck for watching a picture-perfect sunset. Later, Barbie doll and her friends can lounge on the couch and catch a movie on the flat-panel "TV," or shut off the screens and talk the night away. Time for Beauty Sleep Move the living room section from the first floor to the second, above the kitchen, and suddenly you have a bedroom for Barbie doll. The couch transforms to a bed with pillow, too. Rest up, because another fabulous vacation day awaits Barbie and her doll-tastic BFFs tomorrow. What's in the Box? The package includes the house with its furniture and accessories. Barbie doll and her friends are sold separately. Cross Sell (title is not for public display, but text below is) X7931 Mini Accessory Packs X7936 Furniture Y1319 Doll + Furniture Sets

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